School blocking

hello, i recently got the domain unblocked at school but i get this:

any help?


The way to fix this would be to either use a proxy or just buy a free domain for every new project. Is blocked or is * blocked?

any new URL that the was created or updated in the last 24 hours are blocked for ‘new URL’

this means when the project restarts, it is blocked straight away

I guess you could just use a proxy.

unfortuantly, proxies are disabled along with the ability to install extensions

ill dm you a link tell me if it works

Change your DNS to and, and only access the glitch project over HTTPS.

My school uses desktops and the control panel is locked down so it cannot be accessed

You could try the Google Translate method:

Basically set the language you’re translating from to some random one (e.g Spanish). Then set the language you’re translating to to English. Then, enter your URL in the translate section, it should show up underlined and in blue in the translated to section. You can then click the URL and it should display the site inside of Google Translate.

Your school also probably uses a transparent DNS proxy/service. This means changing the DNS will have no effect unless you enable DoH (DNS over HTTPS).

My school also blocks new URLs too. Please note I haven’t tested the Google Translate method on my school’s network as of yet.

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I mean it’s smart but my school patched that ages ago. These days we use proxies and emulators.

Most schools block proxy’s too. And if a school lets users access the command prompt or the control panel then they don’t have a very effective system

Another way would be to right-click the Windows logo to open up PowerShell - as some schools forget to block it.

I do actually have access to powershell

This info is gonna be useful…kinda facing the same problem in my school although they’re not good at identifying loopholes.

If anyone knows any powershell commands! Great!

Your only issue with the powershell commands here is some of them need admin priverlages. However, you can do cool stuff like start microsoft to open up a folder on the C: drive (even if it doesnt show up in explorer).

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try running foreach ($c in Get-NetAdapter) { write-host 'Setting DNS for' $c.interfaceName ; Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceIndex $c.interfaceindex -ServerAddresses ('', '') } in powershell.

Ask them to unblock "* "


  1. Go to
  2. Sign in/up
  3. Open LibreOffice Writer
  4. Make a link to
  5. Open the link
    Now you have an Epiphany Browser/Gnome Web browser window. Use it.

Rollapp is probaly blocked too. I would try browserling but that has a time limit. You can set up a glitch reverse proxy that always uses one url and u can change which site the reverse proxy points to every time you want to switch sites.

I’m acrually a bit luckier. I sent a request on our school’s filter system saying that redirects to so it unblocked all’s subdomains.