Glitch project using 95% of space


Project: gunzar-db

I tried to git prune; git gc as you say in the container stats but nothing…
Why the glitch project is using 95% of the disk is one big question to me :confused:


Are you using NPM by any change? Switching to PNPM will reduce the amount of space being used by the node_modules folder which is likely using most of the storage.


In the background Glitch automatically commits changes to git (so you can rollback your project with Rewind should you make a mistake etc.). Since you have frequently changing data files in your project, like the .json files, these will quickly use up space. We recommend you put such files in a directory called .data, which is automatically .gitignored and thus they don’t get committed and fill up your project space. Or, if you need them in those locations, you can add them manually to a .gitignore file to do this yourself.


I will try to gitingore the data files once i get home! Thanks for the advice.