I tried to free up some space but instead it increased

I tried commands like enable-pnpm , git gc, git prune, $ rm -rf .git
Which i found in some forms and now my storage is at 71% from 62%.
It increased by 10%.
Idk what taking so much space.
Project: Glitch :・゚✧

Paid for the Membership and still storage fills up so quick. Please help.

I can’t open the project, perhaps it’s better to ask the support (by the way, isn’t the subdomain of this forum confusing? It’s a community and not necessarily the support)

(and deleting .git is usually not a good idea, there should be other problems if you need to run that command…)

I see. I saw someone saying we can delete .git to free up some space.
How can i get it back?

.git? You cannot if you deleted with rm command. That’s why I’m saying :cold_face:

What if i remix the project?

I don’t think so. But again, for this issue I suggest you to contact the support support@glitch.com