Glitch Redirects to a Blank Page After Login [solved]


After logging in with Facebook or GitHub I’m directed back to a blank page at:


The page title is “Glitch”, it’s source suggests there isn’t much more to it besides some analytics functions and a heap of metadata.

I’m using Firefox 47.0.2 on Windows 7, with JavaScript enabled and no extensions. I didn’t have any problems creating an account for the forum, but that doesn’t help me log into Glitch itself.

What should I try next?

PS: The site looks terrific otherwise though!
I’m teaching my nieces using Git and Heroku, but this is way, WAY more practical!


Hi Gordon,

I can’t reproduce your issue. It looks like you’re using a very outdated browser though, and this can be affecting your experience. We only support the latest browsers for now, so try upgrading to see if it solves your issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting! Happy Glitching :wink:


You’re right! On this laptop Firefox has been on a beta update channel which stopped working several major versions ago, still cheerfully reporting “up to date”. How embarrassing!

Thank you for investigating in vain. I love your work!