Glitch Visual Studio Code Extension



I thought it would be a good addition to have a visual studio code extension that deploys to github or something and then automatically deploy it to glitch. or maybe directly to glitch.

I don’t have experience developing vscode extensions. But if the idea is welcomed, I can help.



Being able to use VSCode directly with Glitch would be great! We have some infrastructure changes we need to make that are related to how the editor works before it would make sense to do this. Once those changes are in place, it would be fun to build an open-source extension that we could work on with the community. We also haven’t investigated the VSCode API yet, so I’m not sure how hard this would be.


I wonder if it would be possible to start a Teletype session inside Glitch, then give the ID to collaborators so they can edit inside Atom.


Looking forward to it and I would be more than happy to help/contribute.


Hey I made it! Used some code, free FTP server and I can put files on FTP server, then just run 1 command (I’m using a discord bot) and the server.js renames to serverbackup.js and a new file gets downloaded from FTP and the bot immediately starts. If you want the code, reply ;). AHH, and if I find a better ftp-client with a listener to changes on FTP, the restart will happen automatically. (Sorry for bad English, I’m from Poland)


Now, this would be awesome. Coding/deploying would be so much easier! I hope there does end up being VS Code / Atom support.

@heheszeq interesting… I’d like to have a look at that too.


make a repo on github and then maybe we can all collaborate to make it on official vscode?


I would like to point out that PHPStorm already has this functionality just inside of docker.


Update: My code now automatically checks for changes on FTP - every half a minute (I can make this number lower or higher)