What are your thoughts on a Visual Studio Code extension for Glitch?


I have been around here for a while and have seen multiple posts about a extension for Visual Studio Code. I personally am not a fan of the online editor and would love to be able to use my current editor instead. I have been reviewing the protocol lately and believe that I have enough understanding to build an extension, recently a staff member has also deployed a endpoint to allow using external terminals. I expect to be forking the Live Share extension and modifying it to work with Glitch. I hope that I can help a few of you out and that this will start to increase the number of professional developers who use Glitch. I am going to start working on it at nathfreder/glitch-extension. I would love it is you could contribute, keep in mind that I will not be working on this full-time. My prediction is around five hours a week. If you are interested please comment down below.

Synchronize within text editors
Glitch Visual Studio Code Extension



This sounds awesome!


It would be really awesome! It would be really cool to be able to “push” the code with Ctrl+S or whatever rather than having it trying to re-run the code on every key press. It seems (correct me if I’m wrong, @Tim), that the glitch devs are fairly set on not allowing us to disable the auto save which is really annoying when I’m trying not to spam an external API or mess up something that, when half-written, could have some annoying side effects (e.g. creating a bunch of mongodb users as I type like “m”, “my”, “myu”, “myus”, “myuser”, “myuserna”, “myusername” that I then have to go tidy up).

My current work-around is to put a “#” in the code somewhere so I get a syntax error, and then I take it away when I’m ready to start testing.

There are obviously a bunch of other benefits you’d get with local editors too - definitely looking forward to this!


It sounds like you might be conflating auto-save with auto-restart. You can customize auto-restart behavior using a watch.json file in your project - see https://glitch.com/help/restart/


Yes, it was rebuilding that I was referring to, sorry. Perhaps a different keyboard shortcut would be more appropriate for rebuild. I do want to try this neat little trick at some point, but the “syntax error” trick probably works just as well in my case at this point, and saves the boilerplate/config. I know y’all are working hard on getting everything ironed out with the editor and stuff, but I think it would be awesome to have a a glitch “mod” community that can be testing new ideas and providing features that aren’t super important for the vast majority of the community, and would just make the core feature roll-out slower.

In any case, I’m super excited for the future of glitch! It’s an incredible platform that you’re building here.


I have been doing some Glitch “mods”. It is manly private and meant to improve my experience though.


I am having some trouble with some part’s at the moment, as I cannot find a open-source version of Live Share. I am reviewing the extension documentation at the moment to find a solution. Atom’s Teletype is become some help.


An Atom extension would be just as useful for me.


I will work on one thing at a time, but I will put that into consideration!


Update: I’ll be putting the project on hold due as I do not have the time at the moment. I am not “giving up”. :slight_smile: