Heardle Search Function

Is anyone else having an issue with their Heardle clone where people are searching for a song that’s in your list and it doesn’t appear for them? It seems like a Glitch issue or browser issue to me, but it’s been happening in my Heardle more often recently and I have no idea how to fix it. I’ve triple-checked my list and everything matches up, and the problem doesn’t occur on my computer often (although it has before). Have other Heardle clone creators had a problem like this before and know how to fix it? I don’t feel like there’s anything I can do on my end.

this one is about audio, but the solution/problem could be similar to yours.

I’ve had that problem as well but unfortunately that does not help me at all and there isn’t even a solution provided in that thread. Thanks though

Can you link the template for Heardles just so I can have a ref in the future if it comes up?

A lot of people use the Joywave Heardle (Joywave Heardle)

Thanks, looks like they designed this, so it bypasses the safari autoplay issue by requiring you to tap.

It looks like songs are hardcoded here, could you confirm the intended song exists here?

Um I don’t really know what you mean? But for my Heardle I replaced all those songs with different songs, including the links/answers, and I double check that each song is in the list every time the game refreshes. The issue is not with songs existing in the game, it’s with them not showing up in the list despite the fact that they most definitely do exist there. Also the issue happens randomly

I had the same exact problem with my clone, it just fixed by itself when I added more songs…have you tried opening the game on another browser cuz that’s how it changed for my friend who opened the link from chrome instead of twitter

I’m fairly sure it is a browser issue somehow but I have no way of preventing it aside from temporary fixes. Mostly I just want people to stop getting mad at me when they lose their streak lol