Help address "node 6 need update"?

Hello - I received an alert that “node 6 need update” in my code. I read the guidance on how to address this, but I am still not sure what to update code to say. My package.json is below, where you can see it says node": “6.10.x” but even after reading the guidance, I am not sure how to update it.

The glitch project that I am trying to update is

Thanks so much for your help!

“name”: “@donmccurdy/aframe-shader-demo-1”,
“version”: “0.0.1”,
“description”: “What am I about?”,
“main”: “server.js”,
“scripts”: {
“start”: “node server.js”
“dependencies”: {
“express”: “^4.18.2”,
“browserify-middleware”: “^8.1.1”,
“glslify”: “^7.1.1”,
“glsl-noise”: “^0.0.0”
“engines”: {
“node”: “6.10.x”
“repository”: {
“url”: [link removed to enable post]
“license”: “MIT”,
“keywords”: [

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Hi there! Try replacing “6.10.x” with “16.x” so it’s using a more up to date version of Node and let us know if that works.

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Hi Jenn thanks for your help - unfortunately that did not work though :frowning:

What happened when you updated it? I do see the project working right now.

I reverted it back to what was there (16.10.x), but it seems like that node is precarious and/or expiring soon (not sure why it is working now). When I updated it to 16.x, it said that the application was not found and it totally shut down.

I remixed your project and updated the Node engine to “16.x” and after a couple of minutes of rebuilding it was running:

Oh wow awesome thanks! I just put that back into mine and gave it some more time to rebuild and it looks like it is working now. I hope that fixes it for good - thank you so much!

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Ah that did not seem to permanently fix it. Now it is saying this:

If I keep refreshing then it might work, but it goes back and forth between this and actually working. (I have seen this a few times now). Any ideas?

The one you remixed also shows this for me:

Okay, I’ll escalate to the eng team and see why this is happening!

My remix shows that because I archived it!

Thanks so much for your help!!

We have it placed on a better host now which appears to have been the issue - do you still see errors with the app when you refresh it? (also thanks for your patience as we’ve been debugging this!)


Wow thanks so much for coordinating this fix! It appears to be working now. I will let you know if any issues arise in the future. Thank you so much :pray:

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