Help with database

Hello! I am new to glitch. I have a database system (from and I would like to link to my HTML website from glitch to make something like to signup form. I tried using php but I found that there would be a Error 405 message after going to the php page.

Is there any way that I could link my database using javascript? (I would like to have the code if there is a way)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Assorted_Ames, welcome to the forum!

Hmm, usually when we build something like a form with a database, I’d host both parts in the Glitch project, as your Glitch project can have its own database using MySQL, Sqlite, and others…

How do you connect to your MySQL box on freemysqlhosting?

405 is “Method not allowed”, perhaps you did a GET when it should have been a POST, or vice versa?

Also, if you have any code for what you’ve tried already, can you share it with us?