Help with node app with error in editor

hi! my Node app has an error ‘parsing error: class constructor must start with “new”’ and this is not in console, but in my actual editor as a red dot. How do I stop this

@Hacker719 welcome to the Glitch forum community! Can you share a link to your project (or, if it’s private, the code on the line where the error is occurring?) I had the same error this morning and was similarly surprised by it, so I’m very interested to take a look!

It seems to be reproducible! For me, it’s consistently showing up on for loops as of this morning…but maybe that’s just what I’ve been writing?

but also after I remove the for loop, it’s still there! And even showing up in random projects that I visit.

@cori does this ring any bells?

Hey folks, I can’t repro this with @househaunt’s simple for loop, either in server-side or client-side javascript files.

Are you still seeing it, and can I have some project names to investigate?

and @Hacker719, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Whoa…the behavior isn’t showing up anymore, even in the test project I made last night to examine it. It must have been a hiccup of some sort (?). I’ll take a look at that package used for warnings etc in the editor later, see if they have any logged issues/errors around it.

Hey y’all, some Glitch folks had also seen this and had a fix pretty mostly ready to go. We deployed it a few minutes ago and linting should be working better now.

Sorry for the bother!