No errors in editor

No clue if it is a problem on my side, but I dont seem to see instant error notifications while editing the code, which forces me to run the code, and fix the code depending on errors.

This started happening recently, and yes my files end with .js

When you say “instant error notifications” do you mean linting in the javascript files - i.e. the red dots that appear when there are syntax errors in your code? If so, are you seeing this on multiple projects or just a single one, and can you provide examples we can take a look at?

Yep, that’s what i mean. I checked with another project, and the same issue is happening

I made a new project to check, and the same thing is happening
(!/interesting-elderberry )

Ok thanks for the report; apparently a few Glitch folks had also noticed this and had a change ready to fix it, which has been deployed. If you refresh your Editor windows (and make another change to trigger linting) you should start seeing error message again.

Sorry for the bother!

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