HetrixTools Server Monitoring Agent installion

I’m trying to install HetrixTools Server Monitoring Agent but it seems to be failing. Its being installed as root but it still says that error? Any help?

Glitch projects don’t allow the usage of sudo. However, the script requires sudo permissions, thus it won’t work on Glitch.

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Oh, that’s ridiculous

Yeah seems a bit stupid too as Glitch projects are containerised. Well, it’s free so you kinda get what you pay for I suppose.

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Hey all, my colleague probably said it best here:

One thing many folks do is build the binaries on their local machine, and then upload the binary to their Glitch project instead and run it from there. Maybe that will work for your project, @GhostSlayer?

Hi. I dont need help anymore with that since statuspage released their free plan. I’ll claim that as “Solution” because that may work :smiley:

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