Highly Memory Usage Increase

Hello, I just logged on to a project of mine today.
When I went to refresh the project (no changes made since joining),
for some reason the memory section started doing crazy things.


And it was even worse when it first started it (some minutes ago)
Project: t-mod-bot
I’ll ping @glitch_support to check it too.

Thanks in advance,

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It seems to be a visual error though, since the memory that is being showed through a command, it is normally around 74MB, just tested it.

Maybe this is a visual error too… :frowning:

i am also seeing an increase in memory usage. Yesterday my project was around 20% steadily for 17 hours without stopping, today it hits the memory limit every 10 minutes. No code has been changed

I highly doubt this is a visual error as my bot really does restart every time it hit’s the memory limit. I’ve also experienced this issue for the past 5 hours.

Maybe a memory leak was introduced in a software upgrade recently?

It could be, no one knows for now.

My project seems to be working fine today, I guess…

Same issue here.

Project name: moonlightbot