How can I embed this webgl design in a wordpress page?

I want to embed it on a wordpress page , I imagine with a iframe or something like that.

I managed to make it work locally with node.js , but I still don’t understand how it works… i mean the the “npm run build” use the entire folder of the project to run. But If I upload it to wordpress/uploads for example. there is no NODE.js to make that folder run as a project … So how do I make it run ? I don’t know if this make any sense.

Can anyone help me ?


hi @spiritwarri0r - have you imported that github project into a glitch app already and got it to run? if so, you can them embed the glitch app by going to the share menu in the editor. to see how to do that, you can check out our help center


Thanks for the answer , I can’t make it run on glitch , don’t know why doesn’t work.
If I download to my pc, and then run it with node.js locally works.

I’m missin something.

@spiritwarri0r can you tell us the name of the glitch project where you imported the code from GitHub? That way we can take a closer look.

Here it is!

What exactly do you do to make it run locally? We can likely find the Glitch equivalent.

Glitch is looking in package.json and not seeing scripts for “install” or “start”, this is likely the core of the issue.

Edit - I got a remix to work by

  • install script a copy of the build script. You may want to do this differently, as it took 14-21 seconds to build and you may not want that on every restart. Actually its pretty quick if no configs or src have changed.
  • start script run a small express webserver, serving static files in folder dist

I served the dist, and now works. thanks