How can I optimize for Remixes vs Plays?


I’ve been developing a library called Handsfree.js for a few years now and along the way I’ve created dozens of experiments for doing things like moving a mouse pointer, playing desktop games, controlling robots, piloting drones, and more:

The thing is these projects are actually fairly easy to make and all from the browser (Handsfree.js abstracts away quite a bit) and so I want to encourage people to take a simple idea and expand on it. The intent is to get as many people as possible experimenting with handsfree interfaces so that collectively we can advance the field (I’m personally interested in creative assistive tech)…and to do that I’d like to remove as much friction as possible to get people hacking right away

What are some best practices in creating a Glitch that makes someone want to remix it? Or what are some examples of your favorite starter kits that I can study? Is it better to make fancy READMEs or are interactive tutorials/walkthrough better?



Glad you asked, there are quite a few ways to encourage remixing on Glitch:

  1. Include the remix button in your README file:

remix this
  1. Include an iframe of the embedded app on your site. These embeds encourage remixing!


This is great thanks! I hadn’t thought about embedding, I will definitely do that :slight_smile:


I’d certainly use a project that has detailed READMEs with a bit of fanciness!


Pretty cool project!


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