How do I Link A JS File From A Discord Bot to my Website on a Separate Project?

I’m working on a discord bot, and I want to create a page displaying realtime info on the bot such as CPU, uptime, and memory.
How do I link the javascript to my HTML on the other project?

On your bot’s web server you need to create a listener to listen for a request to send the CPU results etc. Then in your HTML code make an Ajax request to the endpoint on your bot’s server to get the CPU etc.

Or you simply make them on the same server to simplify this.

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You could make it on the same server but it would make it easier to send the readings. On the downside if you have a big website then you will probably run out of storage.

Well, I made a api that runs on the js file.
Makes everything easier

It is still really messy but it works.