How to make Web Dashboard for discord bot

Possible make Discord bot and webpage on same project?
Sorry for bad english.

Hello @DiscordPug

Yes! You can run an express server with dynamic data and also run discordjs. I can show you an example and then you can research for more functions


const Discord = require('discord.js');

const bot = new Discord.Client({
	disableEveryone: true
bot.settings = require('./settings/botsettings.json');
bot.commands = new Discord.Collection();
bot.token = process.env.TOKEN;

require('./express/server')(bot); //This line execute the /express/server.js file



const http = require('http');
const express = require('express');
const app = express();

// Example of hello world
index.get('/', (req, res) => {
	res.send('Hello World!');

// Example of http for ping
index.get('/ping', (req, res) => {
	console.log(new Date() + ' Ping!');

// Example of API from your client (discord.js)
module.exports = bot => {
  // get all guilds the bot is logged in
	app.get('/api/guild/all', (req, res) => {
		let guilds = bot.guilds.array();

// Listener
const listener = app.listen(process.env.PORT, function() {
	console.log('Your app is listening on port ' + listener.address().port);

// Auto-ping interval
setInterval(() => {
}, 280000);

Sorry im so Dumb Can u explain Step by Step?

The files I sent are the main discordjs bot instance and an express server. It means to show you how to setup both.

The first file should be where is your Discord.Client. Then I add this line before the bot.login() function

require('./express/server')(bot); //This line execute the /express/server.js file

This will run the next file wich is the express server.

In that file there is an example of hello world in the index.

The get /ping is for your uptimeRobot. So your bot doesn’t go to sleep. (The http request for the robot should be
Also at the end is the setInterval for make an auto-ping every 5 minutes.

Finally there is a module.exports = bot. This is for use the Discord.Client object in your web.
I add a /api/guild/all like example. This send all the info of the guilds the bot is in.

If you want to make a web dashboard you should learn more than this examples. Or maybe search somebody who already made one and copy the code.

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Just make sure you implement authentication of sorts or else your users are screwed.