How do I make a text file into a image file?

Hi. I’m making a version of browserquest but with ink sprites. I cannot change the sprites tho, and they are separate files, not in the assets folder. When I make a new file it’s a text file, so how do I change that into an image file? Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure what you mean. If you create a new file in Glitch, it is a text file. Are you trying to upload your image files to the project? The easiest way to do this is by using the assets folder in your project. The files will be uploaded to our CDN, and you can get the links to them from the assets view.

No, check BrowserQuest. It has seprate files not in the assets for sprites an I need to change those.

Are you asking for an image editor in Glitch? Right now you can’t do that in the editor.

No, check the BrowserQuest template. It has separate files that happen to be only images. I have the image I want to replace it.

What’s the name of your project? I can take a look.

Use a wget command from the console using the URL for the asset uploaded to assets in order to import it into the local filesystem. You can then update references to it in the BrowserQuest game code, or move the file and rename it to match the current file you’re wanting to replace.