How do I upload an image file in file?


hi. how do I upload an image in file? I’m trying to make a site, but I can’t upload images directly to the file.

example: game/img/background.png -> how do i upload an image in this file?


Hi @gomogoji, assets like image files are currently handled specially by Glitch. If you use the editor interface to get an image file to your project, no matter how you do so (there are three different ways to do so) the image will end up in the Assets drawer:

We serve those files from an S3 bucket for you.

If you need to have the file locally for some reason, you can use the project’s console (click on the Logs button to reveal the Logs pane and open the console from its menu bar) and download the file to your filesystem using wget:


which will deposit it in your filesystem along with your other files.

You’ll need to also run refresh in the console to get your file to show up in the editor. For the time being they don’t automatically sync.