How secure is glitch .env?

So, im wanting to write some code with some sensitive data (my email/password for a certain website), and i want to store them in .env for further use in code, will glitch employees be able to see this data?

Hey 4xk, from the technical standpoint, a limited set of Glitch staff members are able to see the contents of your .env file to enable us to troubleshoot issues and help with problems. Your files live on Glitch-controlled servers that a different limited group of Glitch staff could see.

From a policy standpoint, we will never access that data unless you or someone else requests help with your project and we need to examine your .env file as part of that assistance or to investigate service issues or Terms of Service violations.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, so i can rest assured that you wont try to hack my accounts?

You can definitely rest assured of that, @4xk! We respect your privacy and will only access anything private about your projects at your request or to address problems with the Glitch service or ToS violations.

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