How to create a new Glitch project from api with specific files?


I’m working on an online editor for a game engine of mine. When the user is ready to “publish” I want to give them the option to publish to Glitch. Is there an api I can use to do this?


No, not at the moment - but it’s something we plan to add!


It’s nice to hear that you have future plans with a public API. That’ll also allow the community to make cool stuff, for example a Glitch VSCode module or something. ^^hint, hint^^


One way you could make this work right now would be to have a base project that contains a working version of the project, and then do a remix as part of the publish process. The part that would be tricky is that you would also have to send the edited files after the remix, so you would need to add an endpoint in the project for uploading the files.