Remixing projects from the API

Hello! I am making a system which remixes a Glitch project. However, Glitch projects remixed expire after a certain amount of days (I forgot how many). How could I remix a Glitch project using the API and it not expire? Note: I’m not expecting a lot of projects to be created (probably 5-10) Sorry if this sounds confusing, I can go into more detail if you wish.

Why do you need to make the remixed project not to expire?
Glitch policy about remixed project in my opinion is good because the projects require at least 1GB of memory and 512MB RAM, so they have to delete them due to inactivity within some period.

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The projects will always be active running a HTTP server on them and some other stuff. So they are essentially always in use.

You need a user to join your remixed project, or it will be deleted

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What I am trying to say is I can remix a project using the API but since there’s no public API for logging into an account so the project expires. Do you possibly know of an API for logging into Glitch which will then let me remix a project without it getting deleted? Essentially I need a sort of login API. @cori Do you think you may be able to help at all?