How to Downgrade pnpm


I’ve seen posts about downgrading node, but I want to downgrade the core pnpm version to the glitch’s version as my current pnpm version is later than what glitch recommends. I read the warning message (iirc it was saying packages installation may not be fully supported or something) a week ago and I thought I may as well ask it now for future references.

Thank you

Edit: I’m posting the actual pnpm warning

Hey @Nameless, where exactly are you seeing this error?

Hi cori,

I’m seeing this in my console when I update my package.json file, I think. So far, I don’t feel any negative impact from this. I think I may have forcefully updated the pnpm version a few months ago, possibly by following instructions in console and copy-pasting the npm install libraries. (I later learned that we shouldn’t install in console)

I actually have another problem that is somewhat related/unrelated to this. When I update package.json to include a new dependency for my project(cloudscraper for me), and when I do require(‘cloudscraper’), I get the following error messages in my vue project:

It is saying ‘fs’ and ‘tls’ libraries were not found. I checked the dependencies required for cloudscraper and I noticed it requires 4 dependencies, each of which require more dependencies/devDependencies.

I’m guessing these dependencies/devDependencies will mostly be automatically installed unless I encounter this kind of error message where these dependencies are not found?
So all I need to do is, look up info regarding ‘fs’ and ‘tls’ in and update package.json accordingly? (I’ll start doing this immediately)

Thank you!

Edit: But it says fs cannot be found by pnpm fs-tls-not-found

update, it was actually version “0.0.1-security”, but it was removed or something. I believe this is an issue glitch staff needs to be aware of. from

This package name is not currently in use, but was formerly occupied by another package. To avoid malicious use, npm is hanging on to the package name, but loosely, and we’ll probably give it to you if you want it.

I made another post on this. Link: 'fs' library unable to be installed! - #3 by Nameless9

update: fs@v0.0.2 was available. I didn’t see it. That problem is fixed now.

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