How to use Glitch to host a TOR website?

How do you host a TOR website on glitch?

Why would you even want to host a tor site on Glitch?

If I remeber someone has already done this


It can be handy, for definite privacy and curiousity i suppose

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Rats, the link is broken.

Yeah, I archived it after the ping block because it had to be online 24/7.

Could I remix it and boost it?

oh sure just a sec

Just remix rickroll-tor, the original project is gone, somehow. It seems to have reverted to hello-express.

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You should probably migrate to onion v3 instead of v2 for security.

If you don’t Tor you can always visit it on this link:

So you can be automatically added to NSA’s watchlists :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - some light reading if you want to imagine someone breathing on your neck

link How the NSA Attacks Tor/Firefox Users With QUANTUM and FOXACID - Schneier on Security

The very feature that makes Tor a powerful anonymity service, and the fact that all Tor users look alike on the Internet, makes it easy to differentiate Tor users from other web users.


It is quite common knowledge that law enforcement groups often own Tor nodes.

Please don’t do this. Tor2web negates any possible privacy gains and many providers inject scripts/ads/etc and or log requests.

I agree, uses Google Analytics and who knows what else. I just left it there for people who can’t get Tor.

My adblocker shall negate the ads and tracking scripts

Self hosted ad servers? Self hosted tracking servers?

And I suppose an ad blocker can’t block server side logging.

Now we can rickroll people with Onion link.

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