How to use Python in glitch

Hello. I was wondering how to make a Glitch project that runs python. I’m assuming this is possible by using an embed code, but is there a specific way that I can run python programs on a glitch website?

the glitch containers have (old versions of) python installed so you can run python files as you usually would with python3
if you need to install dependencies and stuff you can create a requirements.txt and run pip to install them. To run pip rather than node you should look into the glitch.json file (see ~hello-nomicom for an example). There was a project documenting glitch’s mysterious behaviour regarding glitch.json, watch.json etc (i thought it was ~glitch-nomicon) but i can’t find it anymore.
if you’re looking for more details, they’ve probably been explained on this frum already (i’ve answered this question several times it feels like) so i’d recommend having a quick search to see if anything comes up.
happy glitching :slight_smile:

edit: according to myself 3 years ago, all you need is a requirements.txt and a no idea how correct that is :person_shrugging:

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