How was this forum made?


Sorry this is off-topic but how was this website made & being hosted by? I am interested in getting one as my business is in need of one.



I wouldn’t invest in it unless you got a vps or you are self hosting. It is 100/month, 1200/per year. Unless you have over 1-5K people, use something like flarum.

Discourse is free @benjennings76 you just gotta set it up :slight_smile:

It is free for open sourced projects.

I think your mistaken. It is, but even Discourse itself is free and open source

Plus: Flarum is in beta!

And, has a bunch o features Discourse does have that flarum doesn’t

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@chessebuilderman You can always download the code and host somewhere. Discourse offers hosting but you don’t need them. Hope that wasn’t confusing…


I know. I mentioned that.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@benjennings76 Discourse is open source, and you can host it on your own machine. They have plans where they can host it, for money.

Discourse also has a free hosting service for crowdfunded (Funded on patreon etc) or open source projects. Visit for that,

Normal Discourse:


Thanks! :smile:


Hello @mayank1234cmd, this topic was already answered here.

Nah it was discourse
Also, please read all the posts before posting, and please don’t “guess”, if you’re not sure, just don’t post!