I cant get my code working

Im new in glitch and i cant get my code working. it says syntax error in main.py line 17 but cant find mistakes. please help me, im new. Glitch :・゚✧

Hi @nipatsu_yt and welcome! I am not a Python dev but considering our lack of official support on Glitch, I imagine it may have to do with what version of Python you’re running. If your logs show a syntax error and it’s pointing to a Python keyword, I’d do a search online of what that keyword is and what version of Python is required to use this. If you share the fully copy of that syntax error in here, I can help!

line 17:

async def on_ready():

async and await are from python 3.5+. edit your start.sh to run your app with python3 instead of python. python is python 2.

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Hi @nipatsu_yt

I agree with @wh0 about the async and awaits for python 3. Glitch is not the best place to host python. I would recommend using a different IDE for what you are trying to do. If I am correct, I would say you are wanting a domain for your python project that is getting pinged by probably uptimerobot, and that that is keeping your bot alive. replit is probably the best place to do this, but sadly you need to pay to host it.