I do not know what's happening

Hello! My name is Omar and I am developing a website (A listing of bos for Discord) using Glitch, I have put several custom domains and I have noticed that the oauth2 when I use it in a custom domain for example http://www.botstemple.ml redirects me to a link that I don’t know or have ever used, but I don’t know why it is and I need your help on this.
Thank you.
Unknown Link:
The unknown link appears in the Discord oauth2 link as redirect_uri

Hello @SC123mrO, may I ask what the name of the glitch project is?

the name is: botstemple

Ok, since the project is private, I will create a private message, where you can send me an invite to your project so I can help further assist you with the issue!

Thanks but due to my experience in this, I would only trust an administrator to send the link.

It is alright if you do not trust me, If you look at my profile you can see I am trusted by many many glitch users, and I will be sure to keep your project hidden at all times!

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I have worked with discord oauth2 many times in the past, and even have a few sites myself that use it, I think I can already identify the problem without needing to be in your project, can you please tell me what your callback url is set too?

i have also the same issue, someone can help me ?