I downloaded my project but I get an error on start.bat

I downloaded my project but I am getting MODULE_NOT_FOUND warning, can you help me?

yeah, what kind of module is it not finding?

also how does the ‘start.bat’ file fit in to the project?

Let me explain, when I press start.bat, I get an error that says module not found. I downloaded my own project from gitch, but I can’t start it either by opening the project or in start.bat. Can you help me in this regard (it was written using google translation, sorry for mistakes)

I have no idea what kind of module can’t be found

oh, glitch runs a project in two steps. first it “installs,” which download dependency packages. if you haven’t done that, there will indeed be missing modules. the second step is to start the project, which I think you’re doing with a “start.bat” script. see if you can run that first install part

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