I need help with setting my custom domain


So i have added my website to Fly.io and everything works but when i go to set the CNAME i
get an error saying name need to be set, what should i put there?

What i put in so far
Name: blank
TTL: 14440
Target: 34gnd1jydh5lgny5.shw.io

Domain is on Freenom


Hey @HunterWilson56 can you tell me the domain you’re using?


Im using freenom


I have set everything on fly.io but my issue is free nom


Whenever i go to press save i get the error “Error occured: CNAME records should have a name set!” but i dont know what to set the name as


That field is for the subdomain of your domain that you want to point at Glitch. If you want to point your bare domain (called the apex domain, instead of, say, www.mythical-bots.ml) on Freenom, you instead need an A record pointed at the IP address for your *.shw.io domain. You can read more about this here.


thxs, so i can just put www.mythical-bots.ml there ad it should be good?


As the document I linked to notes, you’ll need to use an A record, which will only accept an IP Address. If you look at https://www.digwebinterface.com/?hostnames=34gnd1jydh5lgny5.shw.io&type=A&ns=resolver&useresolver= you’ll see the current IP address is That’s the value you’ll need.