I think my glitch is glitched out

I think it is glitched out is because when I open up a hello-express project all the text is white in my coding. But whenever I open up a hello-webpage project all the text in my coding is their normal colour.

I think your glitch is really glitched out :wink:

@NgXCyclone that’s a really interesting bug! Can you tell me more about it, or provide some screenshots? It sounds like maybe a CSS bug. Are you describing what you’re seeing in a project you remixed, or is it also visible in the original?

Hi @NgXCyclone, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I agree with @househaunt here, that’s an interesting bug. Can you also provide some sample project names? Do you see the same behavior in a private window? What browser / operating system are you seeing this on?

I was using Google Chrome when it happened on my laptop. I didn’t try any other browsers or private window. But I did look at glitch on my phone and the colours were all perfect. As of right now the colours are back to normal on my laptop again.

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