An official Glitch Discord server

Having an official Discord Server owned by Glitch and maintained by the community would be great; if someone has a programming/glitch/etc question they can get real time help from anybody there. Becoming a Partner with Discord would also allow a custom invite link, like

Who knows, maybe this can be made some day :slightly_smiling_face:

I say this could be done if a glitch discord is put into consideration


Yeah. Not to mention that it’ll be helpful and expand more on Discord Help tbh.


I’d like to bring attention back to this. A Discord server would not only promote community interactions, it would allow developers to more easily collaborate and find people with similar interests. I’m not saying that staff have to join the server, nor do they have to manage the server if they join. I think that with the help of active Glitch community members, the server would do well.

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@edwrddd My friends and I currently have a Glitch Discord server that aims to help users. (It is unofficial)


When a similar query was raised earlier last year, @cori had replied:

which I agree with. But let’s see what they think now, again: @support_staff.

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I think that the Discord should be run by community members and anyone can help.

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hey y’all, your friendly head of community here!

right now we’re putting all of our resources into creating a solid system for supporting the community – that’s through handling requests on and off the forum, creating documentation and guides to help everyone find and build the apps of their dreams, and lots of other great stuff in the works to help y’all succeed!

so while i can’t say we would never have an official place to real-time chat for the community in the future, we don’t have plans on creating and managing one in the near future. we’d have to make sure we set it up so it’s welcoming and friendly and safe for everyone, which is an important investment that will take us some time to make.


What is it??? I need help with my code

Sent you a private message with the invite!


Can I have the invite link? Please?

Just sent you a private message with the link too!

Or use this link:

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I would not vote for this. I looked at discord and it seems pretty faulty. and i banned Kaito from using it. that’s just my opinion…

Heh heh. Discord is extremely safe, and invite only (except for servers that can be discovered)

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or vanity urls(custom links that aren’t random). I had a fun time trying out random urls to see where they led in the spam section of a server. Extremely safe is a sort of incorrect, it kind of depends on how you’ve set your security settings and how well server admins moderate the server.

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i was planning on making one
(i was gonna put in the #welcome that this is not an official server)
but i decided not to

i would replace that with discord is extremely rude.

No wonder I’m the admin of the servers Kaito used to be admin of.

You can’t just conclude based on one egg that the entire basket of eggs is bad.