I want to have a custom ssl on my chat website

I really wanna use a custom ssl on my website that I am trying to create a chat application on.
I need help cause I don’t understand if I can use my own using the setup I currently have. I will send screenshots of my code. The code for my processing requests uses files like ex:
my config.json file is

{ "log": true, "port": 3000, "url": "/", "ssl": { "use": false, "key": "/path/to/your/ssl.key", "cert": "/path/to/your/ssl.crt" }, "readline": { "use": true, "prompt": "[--:--:--][CONSOLE] " } }

Umm. Glitch has its own SSL. Are you using a custom domain.

Ofc I am using a custom domain. I have it through freenom.

I would suggest using theirs. As each project is a vm in one server.

I know that. Glitch honestly should allow people to use custom SSL Certs using direct. pem. and RSA key’s being located directly in the directory.

Glitch does not allow this since projects are not hosted the root. each VM holds approximately I think 10 projects

I was just saying it wold be nice it would implement this feature but I understand

You can request it in #feature-ideas.