I would like to unregister a project from my domain

Can an admin please unlink my project luccyluc-website from luccyluc.xyz

Iā€™m pretty sure you can just change your domain dns? Or delete the project on Glitch?

tried both, the project is still registered though

Yeah, You would need to contact Glitch Staff and send them and email or a PM on the forums.

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Hi @LuccyLuc

It looks like you deleted luccyluc-website.

In order for us to remove the custom domain from this project, you will need to:

  1. Go into your Deleted Projects and temporarily un-delete luccyluc-website.
  2. Let us know once this has been done.

Then we will remove your custom domain from that project.

Thanks, I just undeleted it

Thanks for the update @LuccyLuc. We responded to your pm. If you need additional help you can message us there.