I'm back! + Questions

I originally left because I saw the forum here as less active and because I was just kind of hard stuck but after I switched to replit for a bit I got hard stuck using it because the features are legit the same and the forum isn’t helpful when everyone was coding in different ways so not like it even originally matters so I’m back on glitch. I’m also in need of a html 404 not found screen. Also how can I change my glitch.com project names? Finally does glitch have a public api for like integration? Kind of like replits authenticators so this way I can make live chat and forums lastly to report some users if really needed.

custom 404 solved domain solved for less weird of name api glitch not researched enough

all the posts are outdated on that api stuff so its hard to determine


glitch pro has a “private” mode that makes users sign in to access the site. not sure if it exposes to the site what user is signed in though.

there was also this project from a community member

how’d you get the custom domain thing solved? I thought they still had it disabled, with no word on when it’ll be back

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