Image upload to assets results in "empty" images

Hi, when I upload images to the glitch assets they are just empty. They are listed in the assets, there is a link, but the image itself is non existent. If I use the link for my afram app then it´s just as if no picture was used.

I looked at this thread, but don´t seem to have the same issue: Images uploaded to asset file not working

The uploaded assets look like this instead of displaying the actual image:

When trying to reach the image´s URL ( for example: ) then it states that the website is not reachable. I can open asset links to pictures of already existing demoprojects etc. just not of the self uploaded ones.

Hi @Timon_Baum

I am sorry that you are not able to see the images that you are uploading to assets!

I checked the project and was able to view the images. This leads me to believe that there is a security setting somewhere on your system that is blocking the domain, “”

If you are on a shared internet connection, like at work or school, then
“” might be blocked by a firewall. In that case, you will need to contact the internet administrator and ask them to add “” to their “allow list”.

If you are on a personal internet connection, then you can check the security settings for your browsers and ISP to see if the block is happening there.

If this does not help, please send us a support request and we will assist you further.

Thanks for the information.
I am at work and don´t think that a firewall exception will be made so I will find a workaround.

Hello there! Welcome to the forum.

So, I saw this post the other day and thought of a pretty easy solution. Upload your requested file to or and then use this command in the Glitch terminal: wget [imgur/imghost URL here]. This will save the file locally and allow you to access it from your project (be mindful of disk space though)

And there’s another way (which I haven’t tested since I don’t have the same firewall settings as your workplace), but I’m hopeful it will work since Glitch/AWS acts as a proxy.

Upload your asset to Glitch as you normally would, and then use the same terminal command above but remove the ?v=1646823596233 part from the URL. So, for your use case I would do:

This will save your image to the Glitch project as vr-image-futuristic-...-119014727.jpg compared to the imgur/imghost way of a random ID followed by the file type.

I hope this works for you, as I’ve typed way more than I probably should have haha. :slight_smile:

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