Import from GitHub hangs

When I try and import the following page from GitHub it seems to never finish and glitch gets stuck loading:

Hey @rajsite, sorry for the inconvenience! I think this is resolved now; can you give it another try?

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Hey @cori, thanks for the response. Unfortunately it looks like it is still not importing correctly, no files are being loaded.

Hi @cori! I don’t know what changed but the URL seems to import correctly now from the new project > clone from Git repo menu. Thanks!

Some of my students reported a similar issue this past week. @cori do you know if this was a systemic issue you looked into or a one off with this particular project?

Examples I’m seeing if that helps at all.


Hi @profmikegreene, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Looks like perhaps your project ran into a temporary problem with cloning the source repo, but I was able to clone it fine just a few minutes ago. Are you still seeing the problem?

same issue again

Hi @Mary_Walter! Can you please give us more info?
I have tried and everything is working.