Is it possible to edit dns records of my website in glitch?

Hi, i was wondering if its possible to editing DNS records of the website in glitch

No, it’s not. What is it that you were hoping the achieve?

well i was hoping to update CNAME for verification of my ownership of my website
the html way didn’t work as it should

hmmm or im i the owner, since the domain is provided by glitch wouldn’t my act be illegal??

You won’t ever be able to edit the DNS of your project as long as you still use * sub-domains, because if it happens, you’ll be affecting other projects,

So as a solution, you can just get any domain and link it to Glitch using,
and then you’ll be able to edit the DNS records, in my case Glitch + + Cloudflare combination works.

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so cloudflare alows me to manage the dns server if i use a domain

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If you need a free domain then you can go into to get one there.