Is it possible to upload to the Assets folder from the app itself?

Short explanation/question: I want to create an endpoint in my express.js that uploads a file to the glitch assets, the s3 bucket. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Longer explanation:
I made an app that allows pdfs to be uploaded as assets and then get parsed and displayed on the site. This allows the user who has the pdfs to just upload them to glitch and everything works well. However, I was looking to streamline this by creating a zapier to read attachments from emails and send them to glitch by webhook (I would add some sort of authorization).

With how I have the app setup I can create an endpoint for the webhook to call that would create the parsed data from the pdf but I would also like to store the pdf. Storing the pdf means I can allow it to be downloaded from the site itself and rerun the parsing if needed.

Here is the existing project:

If this doesn’t work I can change things so that I am storing the pdfs some other way, but it would be way easier if this will work.

Hi @AlexanderLindsay – I think this might not be possible. I couldn’t find an exposed endpoint in the Glitch API that can accomplish that kind of action. Someone asked a similar question over a year ago, I think:

They recommended storing the images locally using wget. My understanding is that the API isn’t available/documented for public consumption yet while they’re still working on security (you can read more here).

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Hi @AlexanderLindsay, like @househaunt said, it’s not possible right now. I would suggest making another post in Feature Ideas with the suggestion, so others can upvote it if it’s something they need too. The product teams review the feature ideas board regularly.

I hope you can find a workaround!

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.