Is the ping block resolved or still there?

I came back after 3 months lol Is is problem still there or was it resolved? (i’m talk about block ping)

Hey there, welcome back to Glitch! Ping services are permanently blocked. Check this out: An update on pinging services + Glitch


As @Techy Said Ping Services are Blocked Permanently as it Turned out it caused major Strain on the servers Check out the Link Tech dude1 Posted

when will the system glitch return and when take off block ping??

will if glitch still block ping so i think I will come back after year lol… or maybe 4 years

NEVER It is was a final Decision
On The Plus Side Static Websites Stay Online 24/7 now

you need to read the TOS:

We reserve the right to delete, suspend, or terminate your access to, or ability to use, any and all Services that we determine to be placing undue strain on our infrastructure. These changes were made in response to ping services on Glitch and our efforts to make the site more stable. You can read more about those efforts here.

Correction they can stay in 24/7.

That’s What I said…

Also, You Did not Properly format your Sentence Properly
It is Meant to be like this (Items in Bold are corrected or Properly formatted):
Correction: they can stay on 24/7.
You can also Write it Like This:
Correction, they can stay on 24/7
Please Read the Post Again properly Next Time @chessebuilderman


Edit: Online and on in this Context also mean the same Thing

Edit 2: Also if this Gets flagged because i corrected someone that tried to correct me and be smart and failed i will be contacting glitch support.

Hello @Flick :wave: Welcome back to Glitch!

Pinging services have been permanently blocked (see An update on pinging services + Glitch)! We are most likely not to see this block lifted.

You can also subscribe to Glitch’s premium plan, that way you can host your projects 24/7 by boosting your projects.

Due to slightly recent problems, Glitch figured out that pinging services caused a lot of stress on their infrastructure. Glitch didn’t function well for everyone; it was, therefore, made the hard choice to block them. If you are not satisfied with Glitch, there are also other options (see Here’s what to do after Glitch banned pinging services! GUIDE).