Is there a way to extract uploaded zip files on glitch

answer the question above

Hello there,
You can do that by both manually and programmatically.
Applications such as WinZip, 7Zip, so on. can be used to extract the ZIP file’s content.
One more way is by using an npm package named unzipper:

const { createReadStream } = require('fs');
const { Extract } = require('unzipper'); // npm i unzipper
createReadStream('').pipe(Extract({ path: 'path/to/the/extract' }));

Don’t know why this was bumped, but just sharing a simpler way

  1. Open the terminal (use the tools button)
  2. Type unzip <filename here>
    I’m not sure why this hadn’t been mentioned sooner
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That method can be found in a different topic with the same subject