Is there a way to use RethinkDB in a project?

I would like to know if I am able to RethinkDB in a project and if so, how can use it in a project.

Not at the moment, we’d need to add it to the base image to make it available for use.

Would it ever be available in the near future?

Hi @MurfCode,

as you suggested, we just added RethinkDB to the base image :slight_smile: I have no idea how to actually use rethinkdb, but I was able to start it from the console and to connect to its web admin interface, so I guess it is working :slight_smile:

Let us know what you can do with it!

and here’s a starter app using it:!/rethinkdb-starter

I’m sorry to bother again but I don’t understand on how to set it up at all.

You should be able to remix @Gareth’s sample app to get started.

Hey there - I was trying to start a project using this starter, but i noticed that node never actually runs after the rethinkdb server starts. any idea what could be the issue here? thanks!

You’re right, I’ve removed this example for now and will replace once the issue has been fixed up.

Is there an updated way to use RethinkDB in our projects?

any things for rethink db??

I don’t know how to run rethinkdb on any glitch project. Is there any update with that?

Still waiting for a reply :!