Is there any ftp access

Does glitch have ftp access, can i share my files. Like i wanna share my files and connect them to a web dashboard where people can change their stuff in a json file. Like if they have a pet they can pet the pet in a the bot in glitch. Is it possible to share files

Hey @ramoth123, Glitch only forwards ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS) from the outside world into your project, so there’s no way to access your project via FTP. You could mimic portions of FTP functionality by exposing select files over HTTP(S) instead, but that won’t allow your users to update the file - just to download it.

If you want folks to be able to edit files in your project you’ll have to build something at least a little custom to allow for that - for instance you could build page where folks could upload files they’d downloaded and edited locally.

Hope this helps!

So what do i do then. Because i want people to be able to edit a file from a website, do u want more details? @cori

@cori Could i access the files with port 443 and create a dashboard with the json file info. Like how would i do that