Legal team/takedown requests

Where do i go about submitting a takedown requests on some content violating my user licanse? License Do i just email support or what? I am DMCA certified & i am a contributor to the repo.

There’s lots of details in

A good place to start the process is emailing


To add on to @mishavee‘s answer, you can create a direct message to @support_staff and they’ll help you there. (I’ve messaged the support staff before about stuff and they respond quick)

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So you think I should DM them on here? Or email them?

First try DMing them for a quicker response, and if still they don’t respond (which is quite rare) you can mail them at Emailing is very horrible, because when you send an email to, you get an auto reply, saying that you should post a message here (in the Support Forums) for a quicker response, but they will still see your email. So, try sending a direct message to them first!

I appreciate it! thanks buddy

Also note that you may not get a response for a few days since it’s Christmas and the Glitch staff aren’t working today, etc.

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hi @ClearlyElevated - if you’d like to report a project for abuse (like license violation) you can do so by clicking the “report abuse” button on its project page, which will let the team know who to follow up with - or you can email with the project and any pertinent info we would need to investigate!

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I did that, but i am being told it would be faster to post on the forum?

So i got an email back regarding this issue on a project i reported. but now i cant respond. it sent an email back saying my email was flagged as autogenerated? and then sent me back here with the staff page link? this is frustrating? can i just get an email like a legit email that isnt going to send me auto replys back with false info lol?

Hi @ClearlyElevated,

I’m sorry that you get that auto-response to the email. I believe we have since discussed your concern directly with you.

We are currently looking at ways to prevent registered forum users from getting the auto-response when using In the meantime, know that we can see “rejected” messages and respond directly to the user via email as needed.

Okay thank you for that. that is a relief. I was gonna re send it but i wasnt sure weather or not i was going to be double sending it/spamming ect. can i get support via DM on the forum instead of email? im not much of an email person.

@ClearlyElevated absolutely! feel free to dm us through the forum.

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