Live edit auto-save delay issue


I really love coding at glitch but the auto-reload or live edit is killing me! I set “throttle” to a big number but it doesn’t do anything at all! When there r lots of css and js in my project the live edit slow down my typing i editor, and even it raises some lagging! Becoz it’s instantly, and when I am typing and thinking, it wants to reload! Why not whenever I save the file?? Please help, really I like the idea and environment and if that doesn’t work then I move back to c9

Hi @unclecode,

you might be having issues with the “Auto refresh” feature, that you can disable from your Profile menu (your avatar icon on the top right of the editor). Let us know if this improves the situation for you :slight_smile:

Cool! I didn’t expect it under my avatar or profile menu. Ok, that worked and disabled the auto-refresh on changes, but what If I want it and I want to keep it in my control? For example a short key that force the page be refreshed! I notice when I click on “LIVE” it forces the page to be refreshed, although glitch is auto-save concept, is there any way I trigger this refresh on change? Then I am a true fan pf glitch, like a GOT fan :wink:

Figuring out a better way to handle auto-refresh would be great, but it is a very tricky problem. For now, we offer an “always on” and an “always off” switch. Custom behavior can be built in your app with a bit of effort, perhaps in the next months we might create a starter project with this feature :slight_smile:

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Perfect, a question, can I create plugin for my glitch? Then may be I can add a new hot-key and attach it to a JS code? Btw well done for you fast responding, good job

Hello @unclecode

You can use tampermonkey to inject scripts into the browser automatically, with that you can use javascript to manipulate how Glitch works in your end.

If you need a quick start you can follow this tutorial on codepen.

Amazing extension! But I just found out when I press “ctrl+shift+r” in my mac it refresh the live preview!! That’s what I wanted!