No, all is fine.

I did - I’d send a screenshot but I can’t

I didn’t steal it - I asked permission

What Happened?

@Anish is accusing me of stealing the editor - I asked permission

But I thought you asked preemisson

I did - I have screenhot. I’ll get it


@code-alt is this true?

I think the problem lies in the fact that TheBigC said he’d give credit, and credit is not on the page. Also the screenshot is kidzeditor.glitch.me while the pages in question are new-learn-code.glitch.me & kidz-beta.glitch.me

new-learn-code is the base project. kidzedit is the name of the project with credit. You are probably looking at the other one. kidzedit is the official one

Whoops! Not kidzeditor - it’s kidzedit.glitch.me Sorry

True, @RiversideRocks. However, I found this out at kidz-beta.glitch.me, which just had the editor, but not a loading screen with credits.


In my opinion it’s best not to put credits on the loading screen. If someone were to do a video they’d probaly start recoding after the loading screen. You could put some white text on the bottom right that says credits that can show a popup

A small line, example.


Whoops… Sorry… I’ll get rid of that because we’re no longer using that project. If you want, I could give you edit perms and you could beta the new editor.


kids-beta is not deleted yet @anon69241012

@idodev We will process your request.