Huge Kidz Upgrade!

Kidz - the Glitch alternative for kids is now getting a huge upgrade! We've began beta testing for TheCoder, our Glimmer alternative.


How are we kid friendly, you may ask?

  • Kid friendly design
  • We don’t host, we just give links to prevent kids from posting unnecessary stuff
  • We have a clean design
  • We have a support forum
  • We have a support email
  • We’re all awesome (that may not fit in the category, but it’s good to mention)
  • We have text safety measures (no swearing) in our blog posts (beta)

okay, got it.

When will this upgrade be released? i might try it

It’s in beta. IDK yet. You can try our current program

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Too many threads, isn’t possible to post updates on the same thread?


OK. I thought it would be confusing

What would be intresting is if we could teach kids to use a node editor to code nodejs. Node editors actually don’t slow you down because you can search for the nodes you need with a keyboard shortcut(does scrtach have that?)


IDK. It may take a while

I still don’t get how we can install npm packages. :pensive::joy:

Hi, I took a look at the project, if I’m going to answer honestly I’d have to say I’m not impressed. The editor is not an editor, it’s 3 textareas. Which is obviously kinda bad, no tabbing, syntax highlighting or intellisense what so ever, I recommend implementing vscode, Ace or CodeMirror.

The landing page is not response either, a phone user wouldn’t see all the content on the page compared to a pc user, to fix this I recommend looking into css flexboxes, there is also an interactive game made to learn flexboxes.

Good luck!


Exactly what I requested for in the main thread.


Yeah some things you just shouldn’t reinvent the wheel for. Static site generators and ui are nice to make your own of but a code editor probaly not.

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to set up Monaco, but I can’t understand anything in the documentation.

Seems to be quite object oriented like discordjs but much more complex.
There’s a easy example here though

Ace.js looks good.  

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I’m going back to editing new-learn-code (the text editor that Kidz uses with permission) and adding CodeMirror and script tabs (you can switch files)

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And @anon69241012, Is the text safety a lie? I’ve gone on the editor and view the source - there’s no swearing filter.

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new update for kidz coming out nice:

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 2.29.21 PM
Thanks @ihack2712 for the feedback!

Few issues

  1. Favicon blends in with tab background, barely recognizable.
  2. The statements & Blog page are just big white pages with a tiny bit of text. &
  3. It might be a good idea to put more things in the footer, Including things such as email, and quick links.
  4. Your editor is just 3 text boxes. Why should one use Kidz instead of codepen or glitch’s editor?
  5. How is any of this “kid” friendly? Don’t see any filters anywhere.

I was thinking to make it more kid friendly you should add in some premade programs that you can tweak. Examples:


I will integrate it soon. Sorry I forgot. I thought i put it in