Meta discussion on moderation: stop hiding non-spam posts, mostly

Prefer to leave a note, and prefer to retain information. See this example: Dos my own server. Even though the thread discusses something Glitch doesn’t want users to do,

  • the thread is still visible;
  • visitors can find it if they aren’t sure how this certain action relates to the terms of service; and
  • if something similar comes up again, anyone looking out for Glitch can cite the thread if they don’t want to repeat the reasoning posted there

Don’t mentally equate hiding a thread with preventing an action mentioned in that thread.


The threads are automatically hidden when flagged (by regulars), it’s nothing we can do about it. I’m sure there might be a setting for it somewhere. Although forum regulars usually just flag inappropriate threads or threads that violate Glitch’s ToS or Privacy Policy, or if the topic contains anything that may violate the U.S. law.


I thought it hides a post, when more then 1 person flags it?

You might be right, I haven’t read fully up on it, I just skimmed through the page.


@ihack2712 we were both wrong

A post with 3 flags will be automatically hidden. Users may click-to-view the post

That is from the website

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Actually, it depends on the trust level of the user(s) flagging the post and the trust level of the author of the post.


Ie, if a regular flags a post made by an account less than a day old, the post will get hidden right away.


It also depends on admin settings and other factors, not just TL or amount of flags on the post but things about the specific user who flagged it as well
Read more:


I think some people are taking flagging a bit of the top right now. Every other post I see is flagged, seemingly for no reason. Some posts need an explanation (@ihack2712’s good at this) or request for more clarification, not a flag. In my opinion it makes the forum messy. Imagine coming to the forum for the first time as you found your question being answered here. So you go on the question, but every post by the OP is flagged. They don’t know whether to show it or not as it might be something offensive or whatnot, when really it was flagged because someone wanted to be spoon-fed. Don’t flag this, instead explain to the user they should Google for a tutorial as we don’t really have the time to write the code they want all out for them.
Only flag if the post is:

  • Offensive/Inappropriate content
  • Leaked tokens
  • Against ToS (not questions, just solutions that break the ToS)

DM if you think anything needs to be added to the above list.

We, especially regulars, really need to make the forum tidy and clean and the best option isn’t always to flag.


I agree with you on that one; there is a lot of posts that have been unfairly flagged and hidden. Some of the posts I’ve seen have been flagged have been relevant to the current discussion in that thread, so it was critical for viewers to see that post to understand what was going on.

I think also think that regulars like ourselves have become a little abusive over the flagging feature for some reason. The flagging feature is there to ensure that any post that doesn’t belong on glitch due to various reasons is hidden from the community.

Posts that are relevant to the current discussion in a thread, as long as it doesn’t break U.S. Law, Code of Conduct, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy should not be flagged. And also, even though a person asks to be spoon-fed doesn’t mean you have to spoonfeed them, nor does it mean that his post should be flagged.

In my opinion, it is okay to ask to be spoonfed however, it is not okay to spoonfeed. If we lay it all out on a silver plate to a person that asks for it, all we do is making them more spoiled and unable to find their own solutions.


To be honest, it should be if they break any law, not just US. I also still believe that leaked tokens should be flagged and invite links, but apart from that, perfectly said

Indeed, I forgot that one!.

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probably @ihack2712 said that because glitch is more centered in the US

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Maybe next time a Regular flags a post, he/she explains the reason for flagging by posting in the same thread? We could kind of make this a rule…? And if the reason isn’t relevant…don’t know what to do now :sweat_smile:

@EddiesTech I see what you are saying, but if you have ever been too a place like stackoverflow, you will see that it is way more strict than here.


Yes, you are right. I got banned from asking questions there as I ended my posts with:

Any answers appreciated in advance

and other silly things like that, all by like one guy :joy:

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Can you search by flagged on the search, unfortunately i don’t think we can unflag, unfairly flagged posts

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