Minecraft Server

Can u make minecraft server with this hosting?

As I recall from my (very brief) experience with hosting Minecraft servers from almost a decade ago they run in java, which is installed on the containers. So that part would probably work fine. However I also seem to recall that they run on specific ports and are pretty memory-intensive, which will likely cause problems on Glitch.


It is certainly possible (with Minecraft: Java Edition), however as @cori said, it is very memory-intensive. You’d also need to use ngrok for accessing the server since the Glitch load balancer is for http.

You don’t actually need ngrok, if you set enable_query and enable_rcon to false.
I tried it but it’s failing miserably

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can someone teach me how to do this XD,

Try remixing this, btw the server will think it’s overloaded because of memory.

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Glitch wasn’t created for hosting things like minecraft servers. Containers have a small amount of ram and storage.

I actually found a server program called Cuberite that can run using a reasonable amount of RAM. The only problem is that Cuberite closes immediately because there’s no input stream to check for Control C.

According to a user rendering 4 chunks for each client results in 4MB per player. However, rendering 10 chunks will result in about 69 mb per player. This is probably ok for a server with 3 players max. If you want to keep it at 4 chunks a server could probaly handle lots of players, but you would have a poor gaming experience.

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this is possible with pe ya know, you just gotta use pterodactyl.io

I managed to start a PaperMC as well as a Vanilla Minecraft server on Glitch. So yeah, I believe we can host MC servers. I used Ngrok for connecting to it. Arrows shot fine, it took around 30-45 seconds to start the server, which isn’t that bad, i think:)


Attempt 2: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/mc-test

Check out my project, I’m tunnelling my :25565 port using a tcp ngrok.


hey everyone, the mc-raymomyar project WORKS

Now all we need to add is something like ngrok or serveo(the reason I like it is that you can set which subdomain to use and you can use custom domains).

Also I’m going to try testing Papermc

With that project, where would you get the ip:port to connect?

You have to setup forwarding through either Serveo or Ngrok for port 25565 then connect to that address. I think the glitch reverse proxy only works with http requests

Update: I tried using the Serveo and found out ssh connections use a RIDICULOUSLY large amount of memory.

Its just stuck on loading, also do you think it would work with that glitch new project boosting thing?

Yes if A. you find some way to expose the port, as the glitch project gets confused. I know someone has a nice concept for a terraria server that involves turning tcp requests into http requests by running a program on your computer and doing the opposite on the server. B. You have enough memory, 2gb of memory + papermc(optimized minecraft server) + lag removing plugins should be enough.


Thanks! Also is mc-rayorar down?

Nah, it just doesn’t have a web interface and glitch keeps looking for one, feel free to remix it

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But uses a lot of resources