Minecraft serverr

How to make a Minecraft server (Minecraft Pocket edition 3.13.1) (Turkish)

You need to get a java server and add some files that it will need you can find it on Official Minecraft Web
Get a server
I can help you step by step if you need?

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You might be intrested in this thread which involves java servers but not bedrock https://support.glitch.com/t/minecraft-server/6845

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You should be able to join java servers on mobile.

I hosted an mc server on glitch and do not recommend it, used over 900mb of ram at a time

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I think it’s possible to limit the resources for a server in the invocation command.

Not sure how well the server would do on 500mb of ram.

There are ways to take less resources with MC servers.

this thread looks interesting :joy:


It’s a soft limit,
me: gives minecraft 4gb memory
minecraft: ok me use 8gb memory.
And yes it’s modded

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lol, I’m doing a MC server using Glitch for remixing.

Geysermc on github lets you join a pc server from ya mobile

Yeah I know, pretty :fire: program tbh.

Did anybody try flyingsquid yet? It feels like it rather belongs here than those java servers.